Question:  Are you a collection agency?
Answer:  No, Advantage Claims Recovery Group, Inc. is much more than a collection agency. We conduct a complete audit of the entire file which can result in rebilling, recovery and appeals. This is what seperates Advantage Claims Recovery Group from any collection company.

Question:  Do you charge a monthly fee for your services?
Answer:  No, Advantage Claims Recovery Group, Inc. doesn't get paid unless you do! You pay nothing unless we collect.  The fees for Advantage Claims Recovery Group's services are based upon the amount collected.  Advantage Claims Recovery Group, Inc. never charges for uncollected claims.

Question:  Is this HIPAA compliant?
Answer:  Yes we are. Workers Compensation files are considered public records. In addition, ACRG’s business associate agreement provides privacy and security for all patient files.

Question:  How long will you have my files?
Answer:  Our process takes approximately 6 – 8 weeks. Once we have completed our work, your files will be returned to you in the same condition in which they were sent.  

Question:  What if I have claims with a zero balance, or what if I have already received payment?
Answer:  That is no problem. We have recovered over $60 million of inaccurately denied or incorrectly reimbursed claims, 40% of which has come from claims with zero balances. Even if you have written them off, we can still recover your funds.

Question:  Why do you have a Post Office Box for me, and do I have to check it?
Answer:  ACRG will set up a P.O. Box for each doctor that will allow all of the mail for the accounts in our possession that comes from the insurance companies to be forwarded to our office. This is to prevent your office from being flooded with mail, such as hundreds of Explanation of Benefits (EOB), and so that we can communicate with them directly and timely.

Question:  How do I know what has been paid?
Answer:  Each doctor will have their own personal Accounting Representative. Therefore, when ACRG receives payment for a claim, your representative will contact your office and keep you informed.  

Question:  Do I have to copy the files?
Answer:  No, you do not need to copy the files. Simply box them up and call our office. We will then send a carrier to come retrieve your files at no cost to you.

Question:  Why should a provider use ACRG, INC over collections agencies?


• Advantage Claims Recovery Group, Inc. does much more than just collections, we carefully  reviews each file for proper billing, identifying unbilled services and reimbursement errors.
• Advantage Claims Recovery Group, Inc. is the pioneer in the claims recovery business with more than 15 years of experience.
• Advantage Claims Recovery Group, Inc. has generated millions of dollars for clients from their zero balance, closed Workers' Compensation files.
• Advantage Claims Recovery Group, Inc. offers free consultations to our clients on any billing inquiries.
• Advantage Claims Recovery Group, Inc. is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Question:  How do I get started?
Answer:  It’s simple! Just call 1-800-423-2419.